Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good News This Week!

I've been kinda dreading this week - it was one with numerous doctor appointments plus an MRI and cognitive testing. But, at the end, there was great news for me - Dr. Conrad said that things are looking good. He says that he doesn't usually see much progress this soon, but that the MRI shows good results. Things are shrinking up there and I'm certainly glad to hear it. I'm still on the oral chemo, thank goodness - it's so much easier than being hooked up to a pole to get it!

We made a quick trip to Dallas this weekend - all my MOG clothes were ready and I had to go try them on for alterations. I had my favorite Goff's burger, saw my parents and sister and brother-in-law and stayed with my daughter - all in all, a nice trip. 

Tonight we had dinner out with Brian and Tiffany and Braden, too - he was in town for Brian's bachelor party, but heads back to Seattle early in the morning. We were adding up all the times we have and will see him this year - pretty impressive!

Now I have to turn over my computer to let him check his e-mail, etc. - and, besides that, it's time for me to say night night.

Hope everyone had a great weekend - 

Love from the improving Brainiac!!!

1 comment:

  1. Glad your appointment week is over and that you received good results.

    Two weddings in the next year will keep you busy in a fun, happy way. Your energy level must be improved to handle the weekend you outlined.
    Love, Jacque