Sunday, July 5, 2009


It was a very successful weekend in Big D! First of all, I got to chow down on my very favorite hamburger - a #10 Goff burger. We went straight to Goff's from the airport and then hit the trail in search of my MOG outfit. 

My sisters had discovered what they thought was the perfect store: totally my style, gorgeous fabrics and relatively reasonable prices. They were on the mark and I left with a rehearsal dinner outfit and an outfit for Brian's wedding and also one for Braden's. There was a lot of trying on, which was an exhausting exercise, but very worth it because I accomplished what I went for. Everything should be ready in about three weeks and then we go for alterations. It will all be complete just in time for the big occasion in September - and, of course, for Braden's wedding in April (or maybe May - date is still being worked on).

We had a wonderful southern-style dinner with my parents and sister Kim and her husband on Friday night. I can't remember when I have had so many of my favorite foods in one day - the burger, cornbread and even pie for dessert. After a good night's rest, Mother, Daddy and I got up bright and early on July 4th and went to the local neighborhood parade - from fancy cars to politicians to candy, families and fun, it was a great occasion. We went back to rest up and Clif finally arrived about 1 p.m. Then we had barbeque from Daddy's newly found joint, Off the Bone. The day was topped off by watching the local fireworks from my parent's balcony in conjunction with the Boston Pops on TV - plenty of stars and stripes!

Today, July 5, was my mother's birthday and Kim cooked a fabulous cold lunch - only topped by her table setting. We had a great celebration before we had to leave to come home to Houston. Tomorrow, it's back to work - but we have lots more celebrating to do this month: Clif's mother's birthday next weekend and then mine the week after that. There are a few others in the next few weeks, too.

So, light the candles and say hooray! I'm feeling like a party!!!

xxx from the recovering Brainiac


  1. Gail, I'm so glad your shopping expedition was so successful! I knew you'd let us know!

    My son William's 28th birthday is today, as is Nathan and Jessica's 1st wedding anniversary. Happy birthday to your mother as well.

    We watched the concert on the mall last night (via our TV in our living room) and I was brought to tears by the Rhapsody in Blue. Made me so proud to be an American.

    Have a great week.

  2. HI Gail, Congratulations on finding a MOG outfit and rehearsal dinner fashions all in one trip. Gerald married in May and finding something that wasn't dowdy or black took me to a dress maker. Best wishes to Brian and Braden. Being MOG is a lot more fun that being MOB. Nita